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  • Give a check

    The best gift you can give is a Full Checkup Preventive. As we know how much you love your family and you care about them, remember that give health, is to give life.


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  • ultima tecnologia

    Latest technology

    Great benefits for patients. Safer procedures, fewer complications, minimal pain, short hospital stay, minimal disability.

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  • medicos cirugia salud medicina





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  • hospital sin dolor medicina enfermeria cirugia

    PIP prosthesis low price change

    80% of PIP prostheses were sold in South America, it is time to change them, before you cause health problems. We offer a plan with a SPECIAL PRICE


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  • travel medic chequeos medicos salud enfermeria estetica clinicas

    Platinum client welcome


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    Know where you must enter if you have anemergency [+ Info]
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    Highly qualified personnel, ready to provide friendly service, timely and secure. [+ Info]
  • cirugias hospital de caldas
    We have a broad portfolio of surgery, with the best medical teams in the region. [+ Info]
  • cuidado intensivo hospital de caldasINTENSIVE CARE
    Modern hospital facilities, guarantee a comfortable and permanent care.[+Info]
  • ginecobstetricia hospital de caldas manizalesGINECOLOGY
    Integral handling of women at all stages of their lives.painless childbirth free. [+ Info]
  • neonatos hospital de caldasINFANTS
    High technology available to the preterm infant. Kangaroo Mother Program.[+ Info]
  • consulta especializada hospitales de caldasSPECIALIST CONSULTATION
    We offer all specialties of medicine, the best specialists [+Info]
  • neonatos hospital de caldasGASTROENTEROLOGY
    The most modern and comprehensive clinical and surgical unit in the region. [+ Info]
  • neonatos hospital de caldasDIAGNOSTIC IMAGING
    All the latest medical technology available. [+ Info]
  • neonatos hospital de caldasCLINICAL LABORATORY
    Sampling and processing the same 24 hours a day. Home Delivery [+ Info]
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